Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

Aadhaar Card Correction
Aadhaar Card Correction

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB): Aadhaar Card is a very important document or an identity proof for every citizen of India. Many people take the presence of this Aadhar card very lightly, but there are some major advantages which are involved with an Aaadhaar card. Thus, if there are any mistakes which are there in an Aadhaar card, it is very important that one gets it rectified as soon as possible, through the provision of Aadhaar card Correction, which is a benefit provided by the government. Now, one may wonder that how one can get such corrections done through the Aadhaar card correction / update form. We will come to it, but before that, it is extremely important that you know what an Aadhaar card is and why it is so much required.

Importance of Aadhaar Card Update

As we all know, nowadays the government is bringing up many instances where we have to link our Aadhaar card with other entities like a bank account, mobile number and many more. This not only reflects how important an Aadhaar card is, but it also shows that Aadhaar card can also behave as a security gateway, another portal to describe the importance of the feature of Aadhaar card Correction / Update Online / Offline in order to make any kind of changes or corrections in your Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

Aadhaar Card Correction
Aadhaar Card Correction

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Let us take an example. Let us take the example of linking Aadhaar card to mobile number. Practically in our day to day life, it may not bring us any profit whatsoever, but it does bring a lot of profit for our nation as the elimination of many illegal SIM card users have already started. So, here the importance may not be individually based, but definitely will be nation based. Here you can check your Aadhaar Card Status and Download Aadhaar Card By Aadhar Number and Enrolment Number.

How to Make Aadhar Card Correction / Update?

If you come across certain situations where you find that your Aaadhaar card contains some kind of mistakes, then you can obviously get it corrected. The same can be done by using the feature, Aadhaar card correction / update. Now, if we do want to make some changes under certain circumstances, then the Aadhaar card correction / update form can be done in three ways. These three ways are:

  • Aadhaar card correction / Update through online mode
  • Aadhaar card correction / Update through offline mode, that is, through post
  • Aadhaar card correction / Update through offline mode, that is, by visiting the nearby authorized center for Aadhaar card

Let us now go through these three different ways of Aadhaar card correction / Update individually in depth and how to go about the same. Here you can Apply for Aadhaar Card Registration Online / Offline.

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through Online Mode

Below mentioned are the simple and easy steps which will lead you to Aadhaar card correction/update through the online method.

  • Visit what is called the “Self Service Update Portal” for Aaadhaar card as named by the government, which is, https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home#/ for Aadhaar card correction / update information.
  • Now we need to login to the portal by using the correct and valid login credentials.
  • Submit the Aadhaar card correction / update request for aadhaar card through this online portal.
  • Make the necessary changes as you would like it to have and save these changes successfully.
  • Now you need to upload all the important documents, which act as supporting documents for the completion of the Aaadhaar card correction process.
  • After the request is successfully submitted, the system will be an auto-generating unique request number for you, which you can use to refer to the future tracking of your aadhaar card correction request.

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through  Offline Mode

The process of Aadhaar card correction can be done through two ways when it comes to the offline mode of application. The first offline method is by posting and the second offline method is by visiting a nearby authorized center for Aadhaar card correction. Let us now discuss these two offline methods of Aadhaar card correction individually and how to go about them.

  • Aadhaar card correction by Post: if you want to post your Aaadhaar card correction / update request, then all you have to do first is to download the form. After downloading, you have to fill up form according to the rules and regulations and the instructions as mentioned in the form. Then, you have to get all the supporting documents at one place as demanded by the form. Now, assemble all of these papers together, put it in an envelope and post it two the concerned postal address. The postal addresses will be given below for your reference.
  • Aadhaar card correction by Visiting nearby Centre: If you are interested to visit the nearby authorized center for Aadhaar card to make Aaadhaar card correction / update, then you can also choose this method of application. The process for posting and visiting nearby authorized center is the same. The only difference lies in two points. Firstly, there you had to download the form, which you don’t have to do here. Secondly, there you had to post the form and here you can deposit it hand to hand. All other remaining methods and procedures are same for visiting a nearby center as that of posting.

Now, when you have a detailed structure about the all three different Aadhaar card correction / update methods, it is up to you to decide which method would suit you the most and will be for your convenience.

Aadhar Card Correction By Sending Requests through Post at The Postal Address

As decided above, one of the offline methods for Aadhaar card correction / update is through post. Now, there are certain postal addresses where you have to post your application form. Some of the postal addresses are mentioned below:

  • The first address: UIDAI, Post Box Number 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh- 480001, India
  • The second address: UIDAI, Post Box Number 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500034, India

Application Fee for Aadhaar Card Correction

Ideally, there is no amount of money which has been assigned as “application fee” for Aaadhaar card correction. This directly means that you can do Aaadhaar card correction and get your Aadhaar card updated for free of cost or no charges. But, if you are looking forward to visiting some nearby authorized center for getting your Aaadhaar card updated, then with every visit to update your Aadhaar card, you have to pay an amount of Rs.25/- approximately every time.

The Time of Turnaround for Aadhaar Card Correction

Formally as stated by the government, the time of turnaround which is mentioned for Aadhaar card correction Online is 90 days now. How to receive our updated Aadhaar card? If you have made rectifications or changes in fields like name or date of birth or address or gender, then your Aaadhaar card will be directly sent to your residential address. But, the time between you receiving your Aadhaar card and have already done the process for Aadhaar card correction, you can use the availability of the e-Aadhaar card. You will have to download this e-Aadhaar card from the government portal for UIDAI, which is, https://www.uidai.gov.in. After visiting this UIDAI governmental portal, one can login using valid and correct user login credentials and then click on the option which reads “Download Aadhaar”.

All said and done, if your Aadhaar card is clean and free from any kind of mistakes, then you can sit back and carry on with your daily activities, but sadly if there are any kind of mistakes, then do get your mistakes corrected as soon as possible, or else, by now you should know what impact it can bring in the benefits section. Choose the appropriate method and do the needful.

Benefits or Advantages Linked to an Aadhaar Card

Following mentioned are some of the integral benefits or advantages linked to an Aadhaar card.

  • Direct Benefit Transfer based on Aadhaar Card: As we know, all registered customers have a unique consumer number of LPG which is of 17 characters. Again, anyone having an Aadhaar card will have a unique identification Aadhaar number too, which is of 12 characters. These two unique codes, if linked together, can make you eligible for LPG subsidiary, which will be transferred to your bank account directly.

  • Quick Passport: We all know how much time it takes to get a valid passport authorized by the government. Any person holding an Aadhaar card will get his passport in just a span of 10 days, which is true. Now, we all know how confidential a passport is and due to reason that Aadhaar card is used as a mode of verification, if you have any mistakes in your Aadhaar card, it is advisable that you use the Aadhaar card correction provision too quickly and easily rectify the mistakes on your Aadhaar card.

  • Digital Locker: The DigiLocker is a new source which is being provided by the government, where all registered users can store their data in a cloud type of a storing server, which belongs to the government. To register yourself, this DigiLocker (also known as Digital Locker), would require you to enter your correct Aadhaar number of 12 digits. This again signifies why you should immediately get your Aaadhaar card rectified if needed through the Aaadhaar card correction.

  • Link Aadhaar with Voter ID Card: It is said that, from the 9th of March in 2015, linking of Aadhaar card and voter ID card became mandatory till date. The only reason which led to this action of linkage between voter ID card and Aadhaar card is that, to eliminate the presence of the bogus voters. This is one more point which shows that the Aadhaar card correction should be used to make necessary changes in your aadhaar card if required.

  • Receiving Pension Every Month: As we know, all people who have worked for government-aided organizations receive a certain amount as pension after their retirement. Now, the government says that to receive that smooth flow of monthly pensions, one has to have an aadhaar card and has to get their unique aadhaar number registered. Thus, if you have an Aadhaar card and you find that there are some mistakes, then do rectify them fast with the help of Aadhaar card correction, to avoid any kind of stop in your pension or whatsoever.

  • Receiving Provident Fund: In all companies, there is a certain amount which is deposited with the accounts of the respective company as provident fund against every working individual. One can only withdraw the amount of provident fund when there aadhaar card number is linked to the employee provident fund organization.

  • Link Aadhaar with Bank Account: Linking Aadhaar card to your bank account is mandatory. One of the reasons is that to ensure you are not going through any kind of illegal or unacceptable activities. This is for those people who already pre owns a bank account. Somehow, if someone is going to open a new bank account in any of the choices of banks, your Aadhaar card will be a mandatory entry to create your bank account.

  • Link Aadhaar to Mobile Number: According to the latest updates, getting your mobile number linked with the aadhaar card has also been made mandatory. The reason behind why this particular action is being taken into place is to scrape out those particular users who own more than two to three sim cards with a different mobile number and may or may not be the same telecom operator. Many people make wrong use of owning so many different sim cards with different numbers, like some illegal or unacceptable activity. In order to scrape out these particular people, linking of the Aadhaar card with the registered mobile number is very important.

  • Link Aadhaar to Driving License: To make sure that you receive your driving license issued very fast, and to also check whether one same user is having more than one driving license or not, which is generally not allowed.

  • Importance with PAN Card: There is a reason why the government made provisions to link Aadhaar card to PAN card. According to the government, the best way in which the presence of black money can be curbed is through the link of PAN Card and Aadhaar card. Now, the details as per both should match to an extent. Thus, if you come across some mistake in your Aadhaar card in accordance to your PAN card and you need to make changes in your Aaadhaar card, then you can make use of the Aadhaar card correction Update online / offline to do the same.

How to find Enrollment Centers For Aadhaar Card Correction Offline?

This question persists in one’s mind always on how he/she should locate an enrollment center.

The Enrollment Centers are set up by the government themselves in order to assist those who want to set up an Aadhar Card.

The Enrollment Centers can be found by googling Enrollment Centers near me/ visiting the UIDAI website. The UIDAI Website carries all the details of the enrollment Centers with their contact number and addresses scattered all over the country. These Enrollment Centers are mainly set up with an idea to help the poor and uneducated masses in order to obtain an Aadhar Card for themselves. The various other Aadhar Card details and the Aadhar Card Correction / Update form can be found at these centers. Here you can check the List of Aadhar Card Centers in Ahmedabad and List of Aadhar Card Enrollment Centers in Bangalore for Aadhaar Card Update.


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