Check UIDAI Aadhar Card Status Online @

Aadhar Card Status
Aadhar Card Status

Check UIDAI Aadhar Card Status Online @ Aadhar is one of the most trending topics in the news in the recent times. The governments both then and now have always been inclined towards bringing together the citizens of India under one common banner called the Aadhar. Each and every country in the world has their own system of identification to authorize the citizens of their respective nations.

Check Aaadhar StatusBefore the advent of Aadhar, the Identification cards like the Voters ID, Ration Cards were used. The Aadhar Card, Aadhar Card Status is routed to be one of the best things to happen in the nation as it makes sure that the population count of the country is under the right numbers. There can be several ration cards that can be issued for the people of the country.

Like, there were cases where the number of ration cards was more than the number of people in the particular place due to lack of idea of Checking Aadhar Card Status Online. This sort of identification paved way for easy access for illegal immigrants into the country. The misuse of the items allocated for the Public Distribution Scheme. The National Security can be bought under tight scrutiny if the number of the people were based on their own physical identification marks that are unique for every human in this planet and they cannot be duplicated. Check Here for Aaadhar Card Correction or Update.

Check UIDAI Aadhar Card Status Online @

Aadhar Card Status
Aadhar Card Status

The Aadhar is one such scheme. It uses the identification schema like IRIS, Finger Prints, the demographics in order to issue nationality status for a person residing in a nation. Aadhar is exclusively issued to the nationals of the country and will never be issued to the foreign nationals. Plus, the digitalization technique used in Aadhar prevents the chaos that are created by the physical ration cards. The single whole Aadhar card will serve as a single substitute for all the other identification cards in the country. There have been long talks in the country to bring in a system of this type and the people are only more or less happy that the system of Aadhar, Aadhar Card Status Online has stepped in that would prove to provide strong safety for those who are residing in the nation. Check complete guideline on, How to Change / Update Photograph On Aadhar Card and How to Change / Update Photograph On Aadhar Card.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online @ UIDAI.GOV.IN

There are three ways by which you can check your Aadhar Card Status.

  1. Check Aadhar Card Status online
  2. Check Aadhar Card Status without Enrolment
  3. Check Aadhar Card Status using your Mobile

Steps To Check Aadhar Card Status online

  • Visit the Official website of UIDAI.
  • Now you can see the section called “Aadhar Enrolment”.
  • In that section click on the link, “Check Aadhar Status”.
  • When you click on that link, you will be redirected to another page.

Steps To Check Aadhar Card Status online

  • Now, Enter your Enrolment ID, Date and time and Security code.
  • Once you fill the information, then click on “Check Status”.

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Steps To Check Aadhar Card Status without Enrolment

  1. first of all, you have to visit the Official website of UIDAI.
  2. Now, go to the “Aadhar Enrolment” Section available on the left-hand side.
  3. Now you have to link “Retrieve Lost UID/EID”.
  4. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the other website.Now, you have to select UID or EID from the left-hand side.

Check Aadhar Card Status without Enrolment

  • Now, you have to fill details such as Full name as appearing on the Aadhar, Email, Mobile and the Security code as displayed in the image.
  • Now click on “Get One Time Password”.
  • Then you have to enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile number and click on “Verify OTP”.
  • Hence, you will be able to check the Aadhar Card Status without Enrolment.

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Steps To Check Aadhar Card Status Using Your Mobile

  1. By typing the message as described below, you will be able to check Aadhar Card Status using Your Mobile

SMS<UID STATUS><14-Digit Enrolment ID> and send the message to 51969.

  1. Then you will receive the message based on two conditions:
    1. If your Aadhar Card is generated, then you will receive SMS showing Aadhar Number.
    2. If Aadhar Card is not generated, then you will be able to view your Aadhar Card Status.

After you have enrolled for the Aadhar Card. Your Aadhar Card will be delivered to your registered address within a span of 40-60 days.

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Aadhar- A throwback

Many believe that the Aadhar is the brainchild of the present NDA Government. But that is not the case; the Aadhar was suggested by the then UPA government itself. The UPA government had appointed the then Infosys Chairperson Nandan Nilekani to head the UIDAI, that would oversee the setting up of the Aadhar Committee. There had been several voices that have been raised against the issue of Aadhar. The need for a Unique Identification System aroused in the year 2000 itself when Dr Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the then Prime Minister of India. The people who were living along the borders urged the government to issue them special identification cards as there were a ton of illegal entries into the country with cards that can be easily duplicated by the other neighboring countries. Aadhar Card Status Online would prevent such occurring. There was not much of technology interference back then but the government since then was very keen in bringing up a Unique Identification Scheme in order to safeguard the precious lives of the nation.

The Aadhar, Aadhar Card Status Online which was then criticized, which was announced by the present ruling government Finance Ministry that Aadhar would serve as the basic backbone for all the important documents that are gained from the country’s resources like bank details, PAN Card etc. The Aadhar was severely criticized owing to the risks of security breaches that it possesses. There were many allegations that the Aadhar is easily prone to many attacks that would lead to the leakage of information of the citizens of the country. But also, one misses out on the main points that the terror attacks can be easily curbed as the identification of people becomes very easy.

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Operations that are performed on the Aadhar Card

TThe linking and the checking of the various information prove to be of a great confusion to many. The registered mobile number that is linked with the Aadhar number serves to be the main source of contact information as the committee strongly believes that though the person would be changing his residence often, he would not be changing his/her number often owing to the various facilities that are offered by the current telecom companies of the country. Aadhar Card Status is known via this method.

Changing the mobile number given for Aadhar Card

TThe Aadhar number that has been allotted to the citizen cannot be changed at any cost as it is not an easy task to generate and maintain a 12-digit code for such a populous country. The heavy database that is held by the 12-digit code is such humongous that one cannot easily take over the database in the pursuit of searching for Aadhar Card Status. Thus, the number that has been allocated to a person will sometimes lead to the mismatch of information that might lead to some dangerous circumstances.

TThe number that one has given for the Aadhar Card can be changed in the Aadhar Card Status. When one wishes to change the related number, the number that has been given for the Aadhar access has to be in an active state so that when the OTP is sent, the person can follow the other instructions accordingly in order to get their mobile number changed.

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Changing the basic details of the Aadhar Card

TThe other basic details like the spelling error in name, address and rest can be changed under the presence of the associated person as the IRIS, the fingerprint details all get stored well within the Aadhar number. The details of such identifications when it gets stored in the Aadhar Card Status, the presence of the concerned person become mandatory. This is how one can change the basic details that have been linked to the Aadhar Card.

What gave rise to the linking of Bank Accounts to Aadhar?

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was announced in the very year PM Modi took oath as the PM of India. The main aim of the Scheme was to bring almost all the citizens of the country under the banking system and to instill the thought in the minds of the people that the banks are the safest source of money saving and lending in the nation and to take banking to nook and corner of the nation. Thus, the digitalization had begun long before the introduction of Demonetization and other concepts. Thus, the linking of the Aadhar Card to the bank account will only further decrease the possibilities of money laundering.

The Aadhar Card, the Aadhar Card Status Online has been made an essential requirement for opening a bank account. The bank account can be opened only if one furnishes the details of oneself using Aadhar Card. More than 50,000 rupees transactions can be taken forward only if one can open Aadhar Card details are furnished. There are already many states in the country that have made an achievement by making themselves fully Aadhar linked. In those states, the linking of bank accounts to the Aadhar Cards is not a difficult task whereas in the states where the issue of Aadhar Card is not that great, it is a tough task. The linking of Bank accounts to Aadhar Card will actually increase the tax payments as it won’t be that easy to hide one’s income from the government.

For those who do not possess an Aadhar Card, it is not a so very difficult process. One can visit a nearby E-Mitra or the Aadhar Seva Centre and with the help of the person there, one can complete all the required processes in a jiffy. The UIDAI and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are working very hard towards establishing well-connected bank and Aadhar System.

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Steps to be followed in the mobile phone to check the bank account linked to that mobile number:

The following steps are to be followed in order to check the bank accounts that are linked to the account number that in turn makes one know the Aadhar Card Status.

  • The number *99*99*1# has to be dialed from one’s mobile number
  • After the call gets connected, the 12-digit Aadhar Number has to be entered.
  • One should confirm that the series of digits entered by the user
  • Once the entered number is confirmed, the Bank Account or the Bank Accounts that are linked by the user are shown clearly.

Thus, the number of Bank Accounts that are owned by the user can also be clearly known from the number input.

For the school and the college goers, to avail Aadhar card, the institutions themselves conduct camps that would bring in the members of the government who are responsible for the issue of the Aadhar Cards. Thus, the Aadhar Card issue is not an easily reachable task. The Aadhar Card Status thus can easily be traced.

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