How To Apply for Aadhar Card Registration Online / Offline

Apply for Aadhar Card
Apply for Aadhar Card

How To Apply for Aadhar Card Registration Online / Offline: The government has made it a mandatory requirement to apply for Aadhar card. Though the process is a bit lengthy, but each and every citizen of India needs to go through this procedure. The citizens must know that applying for Aadhar card is a completely voluntary process and secondly the issuing of the card would only be possible when the individual has visited the enrolment centers and has submitted all the required documents and the data required for the procedures of biometric data collection. But on applying the Aadhar online these procedures are much less time consuming and the person applying can be much more comfortable while applying process with just a click away.   So let’s consider the steps to follow for knowing Apply for Aadhar Card Registration Online / Offline. Here you can check Aadhar Card Update form and Update Photograph On Aadhar Card.

How To Apply for Aadhar Card Registration Online / Offline

Apply for Aadhar Card
Apply for Aadhar Card

The citizens who are applying must be aware of the requirements before applying the Aadhar card form. The information provided must be correct and authentic. It must not involve any duplicity of information otherwise the form would get canceled during verification. The following steps would make one aware of how to apply for Aadhar card Registration online.

  1. First and foremost, the candidate would notice three wide columns in the detailed Online Appointment Form. The three columns consist of the heads tilted as details, Aadhar Centre and the Date & Time of applying.
  2. Secondly, in the column titled Centre, the candidate need to select the state that one is living in, the District, the City or the locality which the present residing place. Finally the Aadhar centre must be selected, as without its mention the form is considered invalid.
  3. The Date & Time needs to be filled up in accordance to your choice. The date must be updated depending upon your time. The candidate must fill up that specific date on which he can possibly visit the enrolment centre of Aadhar Card.
  4. The dialog box would soon appear and the candidate must fill the box with the verification code that is received.
  5. The initial procedures are complete and now the candidate needs to click the button for fixing the appointment. The button “Fix Appointment” needs to be clicked.
  6. Finally, after fixing the appointment, the candidate get a message from the concerned authority that he has been registered for the application of the Aadhar Card online.

Receiving the e-Adhar Letter

Ones the candidate has visited the centre, the operator looks for the registration that was done online and wants all the required documents and cooperation for proper availability of biometric data. On knowing about the procedures on how to apply for Aadhar card online, the candidate has known about the facility of e-Aadhar. Even after completion of the Aadhar Card, the government delayes to send the Aadhhar Card to each individual. The card arrives almost after 3 months (90 days). The Aadhar Card is sent through India Post and during emergency needs people face severe complication. However, the government authority has taken initiation to establish the format of e-Aadhar that can be downloaded for convenience. Check complete guideline on, Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar CardLink Aadhaar Card with PAN Card and Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number.

When the candidates remain interested to know how to apply for Aadhar card online then it quite essential to known about downloading the e-Aadhar card as well because, the downloaded card can serve the purpose being a authentic document.

  1. Visit the website UIDAI and just visit the Aadhar card section.
  2. The candidate would be shown the form which has to be filled up using the available enrollment number or the candidates Aadhar number printed in the card.
  3. On having the enrollment number, one can enter the enrollment number
  4. The date and the exact time that appears in the acknowledgement slip needs to be entered by the candidate in the exact place.
  5. The candidate needs to entre ones name.
  6. The right pin code of the residing must be entered.
  7. The mobile number that has been registered during the filling up the Aadhar form must be entered.
  8. If the candidate have the Aadhar number that needs to be entered along with the other requirements like the candidate’s name, right pin code, and the registered mobile number.
  9. After entering the details on requirement, the candidate would be supplied with an OTP (One Time Password) that would enable the applying person to download the colored version of the e-Aadhar letter that is as valid as the original Aadhar Card.

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Dealing with the inconveniences

Often people complain of not receiving the OTP. This is a serious area of concern. Online transactions are very common now and for initiating this method, the user needs to be confident about the security of his mobile phone. On knowing how to apply for Aadhar card online, one should also click to know the other aspects of the process. Receiving the OTP is an important criterion.  For example if someone is making changes in Aadhar card information, such as spelling of one’s name, incorrect address one may not get the OTP. This happens because of some of specific unconformity, but can be fixed with the following procedures.

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Reasons for not receiving the OTP

  1. It may happen that the present mobile number might not have been registered and updated during the time of applying for the Aadhar card.
  2. Problems can arise due to poor networking.
  3. Often the SIM card is found to be blocked. The operating service provider must be connected in this case to get the SIM get unblocked
  4. The phone memory needs to be checked, as often due to unavailability of memory storage the new message consisting of OTP number cannot be received.

To be cautious while applying online

The government has laid down strict rules regarding the guidelines and the norms. The website of UIDAI is the only authentic source that can be consulted for information for applying online. The government is quiet serious about the other fraudulent websites that creating a lot of confusion and hampering the e flow of work. Judicious choice of authentic website will always be appreciated.

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