How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number {Online / Offline}*

Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number
Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number

How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number {Online / Offline}: The Indian Government has brought a new mechanism to connect each individual to his or her sovereign state.  The government has made it a compulsory rule to link Aadhar card with Mobile Number. So now only having a Voter Identification card is not enough you need to possess an Aadhar card as well to prove your citizenship.  To avoid unnecessary of harassments, the citizens of India need to link Aadhar card with Mobile Number Online / Offline. This initiation has been taken by the government to monitor regularly the working of the all the sectors of the society.

Link Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number: Now to Link Aadhar Card with mobile number is just a matter of seconds in the context of today’s updated technology. The government has found out unique and simplified measures to make the link. There are several Aadhar Card centers that have been established to help the people. Even the centers are employed by government officials who are there to help out when any situation of inconvenience arises. The stipulated deadline for re-verification and the authentication of the individual mobile number linked with the Aadhar number has been declared as 6th February 2018. The deadlines regulated by the government in accordance with the prevailing condition. They are often changed, and the subscriber needs to get updated with the currently announced dates.

How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number {Online / Offline}*

Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number
Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number

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The procedures of linking the Aadhar Card with the mobile number had been designed by the expert developer. In developing the procedures, experts have always considered the population ratio in respect of age, culture, education, job, and lifestyle or such other yardsticks. So no one would face any difficulty in linking their Aadhar Card with the mobile number. For the obvious reason it is quite understandable that while one has created his or her Aadhar Card, he or she had definitely mentioned their mobile number. So the number which has been mentioned while applying has already been linked with the Aadhar number that has been allotted to any individual. Now a question arises what happens to those who have not given their mobile number while applying for the Aadhar Card. Simply one need to link Aadhar Card with mobile number; there is no harm in complying with the procedure now. For this government had announced three ways to complete the needful from the comfort of home. The includes

  • Verification through OTP
  • Aadhar App
  • IVRS facility

Though there is no restriction on visiting the registered mobile stores for biometric identification. Perhaps sometime many people can feel to avoid any misconception it is better to do it under the guidance of some technicians who are available in these stores.

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Importance of One-Time Password

The government has installed the facility of One Time Password for the users who have already registered themselves according to the Aadhar database. The procedure that has been initiated is quite an essential requirement for proceeding with re-verification of the other electronic devices that an individual subscriber is associated with.  The OTP’s facilitate the verification of the subscriber’s mobile phones through various websites or the latest mobile applications.

The importance of Interactive | Voice Response System

Now when the subscriber link Aadhar Card with mobile number the technology of Interactive| Voice Response System would make its verification methods through its exclusively designed applications. The government has given instructions to the telecom operators to maintain the latest device of iris scanning at each of the Aadhar card centers so that even senior citizens and the differently able individuals face no complications while being getting verified via fingerprints or the other authentication process of Aadhar identification.

Points to be noted by the new subscribers

New subscribers must be aware of the fraudulent acts while linking the number. In addition, the Supreme Court has ordered the telecommunication department to verify each individual subscriber. Even some of the subscribers who are suffering from any kind of chronic illness or unable to visit the local Aadhar center must be attended individually at the doorstep.  The department of DoT recommends the facilities of OTP and IVRS facilities which are based on the latest technologies and involves no such complicated procedures that are out of the reach of subscribers.

The telecommunication department that introduced the Aadhar eKYC process as directed by the Government. The subscribers need to link Aadhar card with a mobile numbe only after reading the terms and conditions regarding the security concerns.  The subscriber must get hold of god communication services that enable the verification of the Aadhar number by the biometrics procedures. Some of the points are quite essential during the ongoing process of verification.

  • You need to refer to UIDAI.
  • The request is to link your identification the 12 digit identification number which is completely unique.
  • Finally, you need to verify the fact that the Telecom Service Provider fulfills all the detailing required and as per rules gets involved in the verification process by using biometrics.

Skipping the unauthenticated information

Throughout the internet, there are several sites that give fake information regarding the procedures to be followed to link Aadhar Card with the mobile number. Subscribers must only read and follow the instructions that are declared by the official site of UIDAI. There uncountable numbers of unofficial fake websites that are against the government rules and restrictions. These groups create fake websites and try to influence the future subscribers negatively. Some o the mandatory requirement that subscribers need to understand are as follows:

  • Subscriber must look out that the Aadhar number is rightly verified by the TSP, as per the directorial measure was taken by the Department of Telecommunication.
  • The subscriber must show the Aadhar Card in the designated Aadhar Card center that is monitored under by appointed Telecom service provider.

Let us see the steps required to link the Aadhaar card with the mobile number:

  1. Visit the authorized mobile store
  2. Give your mobile number and Aadhar card details.
  3. You would soon receive an OTP number in your mobile which you need to inform to the store executive for re-verification.
  4. You would receive an SMS after completing the submission.
  5. the e-KYC process is completed with a “ Y” reply.

These processes are mandatory and are required by all individual subscribers for updating ones KYC details that are essentially required to be verified while a subscriber is being issued with an individual mobile connection with one Identification card. It is mandatory for TSP to send SMS’s to make the subscribers aware of the government rules.

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