MCA21 – What is MCA21?, Forms, Services, MCA21 Master Data, Login, Objectives, MCA21 Portal @


MCA21 – What is MCA21?, Forms, Services, MCA21 Master Data, Login, Objectives, MCA21 Portal @ We are always looking for ways in which the technology can transform the whole working process of the government. Now, while we reduce the wastage of other materials and important items like paper, we need to introduce new things like MCA21. It is a project by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India which is required for changing the whole process of transactions and keeping a record of the database which would further benefit the operations related to the business officials.

About MCA21

The MCA21 was created for transforming everything into an electronic format resulting in a completely automated system of working. The services provided to the citizens would be a total of 100 and it will be completely scrutinized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. In order to provide the several MCA21 services, they also needed assistance from NISG for conceptualizing and designing. NISG has also created several operational and management units for the maintenance of the whole mission. This mission aims to bring changes in the process of delivering the services to the general citizens. This will further result in a healthy environment for the businessmen and thus make the whole system competitive worldwide.

MCA21 – What is MCA21?, Forms, Services, MCA21 Master Data, Login, Objectives, MCA21 Portal @


Objectives of MCA21

The major goals for MCA21 are to create a balance between the stakeholder’s requirements fulfillment and employing global practices for the betterment of the Ministry’s system. The objectives are:

  • Everything will be registered and filled online starting from legal and constitutional documents.
  • Citizens of this country will be provided efficient services without any delay.
  • Every citizen will have simple and rapid results for records they require for official work.
  • The financial institutions will be easier to register under along with the charges required.
  • MCA21 portals will also ensure that the working is done in sync with the laws and orders in mind. The governance of the corporate world is to be matched too.

Although these are the major objectives, some minor changes were also brought about in the recent MCA21 portals. The portal has been upgraded which gives the whole portal an easier user interface and thus giving the user a better experience while they use it. There are different divisions for each question a user might have from the portal so that when someone opens the link they have the answers ready. If you are someone who has used this previously then you will receive a quick link which consists of all the different sections.

How the MCA21 will benefit stakeholders?

The new and reformed mca21 forms have benefitted the stakeholders a lot and we will mention some of the benefits below:

  • With the introduction of the MCA21, the access to official records is much quicker than before. One can easily submit their queries and further get answered as soon as their queries are processed and lastly the information is received online itself so no one has to wait for the offline answers. This makes the whole procedure of information receiving and processing on point rather than taking days.
  • After MCA21 is implemented the services provided to the citizens or clients would be much more to the point and effective in terms of results. The ministry will ensure that the working process is in order with the laws related to the corporate world.
  • Everything would be verified on the online portals provided to the clients or customers for faster processing and transaction i.e. e-forms will be produced and documents will be considered in scanned formats.
  • For the registration of various files and charges one can visit the and it will redirect you to the required area. This has also increased the flow of online working ensuring the best result from the offices.


With the internet making the process much easier, e-stamping is now taking a step into the process of making the transactions even easier. Now, while new options or ways of payments are introduced, people get more options to pay for their files or charges. The ways are Challan, Debit cards, Credit Cards and Internet Banking which are introduced for payments. With faster payment methods being introduced, the delivery of the services is way more convenient, consistent and time-saving too. The performance rates of the officials have shown betterment too after the e-stamping is taken into action. In earlier days it would take almost months for a submission of a simple paper form to the official office but now, the e-stamping has improved the whole process and also saves paper. Slowly but gradually, e-stamping is becoming the only and mandatory way for the submission under the MCA21 company name. Different forms will be processed for different requirements as given below:

  • Form 2 and 3: For the return of share allotment.
  • Form 18: For making changes in an office already registered with a company that already exists.
  • Form 32: For changing details of directors of an already registered company
  • Form 8 and 17: For different charges (except delayed cases)
  • Form 1A: For checking the availability of a name for the company.

Now after all of that was processed and passed, the other process like the restriction of wrongfully working companies was processed. Companies that were working illegally or were not filling their tax returns were separated and then finally marked dormant. Those companies cannot proceed with their e-process unless their previous records are cleared.

Digital Signatures:

Before the introduction of digital signatures, everything was manually maintained which took a lot of time and patience to be completely done. The officers would sign each and every certificate or copy of the document manually and then forward it. After the digital signatures are introduced, the documents were usually exchanged with the help of emails and then further signed online with digital signatures and then again emailed back in almost no time. This saved a lot of time and also the procedure got much easier for both the clients and the officers. The digital signatures need authentication which is, of course, important and legally required.


It is essential for us to know how the whole process was implemented since it was not an easy process to complete. The whole mission was worth Rs 350 Crores which consisted of the building of the whole infrastructure from IT to the internet signatures, the creation of data centers, recovery centers and web portals for the MCA. Every single detail about the companies had to be converted into the online format and updated on to the portals. For supporting e-processes, e-forms were given away to registered companies. The e-forms are made in such a way that the information gets tracked and uploaded onto the servers directly and the scrutinizing is done afterward. The RFO’s are always assisting with the whole process of transformation from manual to e-format. New chartered accountants are appointed in order to make the process swift and easy.

Designated Partner Identification Number:

This number is required for everyone and once it is allotted to the citizens it makes the process paperless and faster. Everything including the hardcopy proof of the identity is submitted and thus then transferred to the digital proofs. The PAN (Income-Tax) has also been made necessary when the directory is filled by the companies. There are separate systems created for the allotment of the DPIN and DIN under the LLP Act. But the common identifier selected by MCA is DIN itself between these two.

Payments by NEFT:

While earlier it was simple methods of payment i.e. you need to go to the bank and then process your payment which would actually take days to completely reach the other side. But now, NEFT is introduced which makes the whole process way faster than before. MCA21 accepts various payment methods including Credit cards or challans or debit cards or even internet banking. But the process for internet banking is available for only 5 banks which make it a bit inconvenient for the others. Now, to discard that issue, MCA21 has introduced the method of NEFT which can be done for different banks which results in the process being suitable for every other person. For making payments that are equal to or more Rs 50,000 one can opt for the challan option otherwise they need to follow the other methods.

This is a brief guide about MCA21, how it functions, its implementation and some other important clauses. Now, once you have gone through this you might find the whole process much easier to follow up.