The Team

Girish Vidhani, Founder and Editor-in-chief

He is a Manager at mylifejobs. Before approaving Blogs for mylifejobs, he has managed various other technological blogs since last 2 years. He is basically a techie and writing is his passion. He is covering Education News. His interest includes reading, playing games, listening music and much more. You can contact him at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Smita Sodha, Journalist at MyLifeJobs

She is Senior Content Writer at mylifejobs. She is avid reader and writer.  She is in the field of blogging for more than six months. She covers articles on Education. She likes to teach people on various different subjects related to literature. Her interests include traveling, dancing & photography. Also, she likes to write new stories. You can contact her at Facebook, and Google+.

Shruti Patel, Technical Advisor and Journalist at MyLifeJobs

She is the Technical Advisor as well as content Writer at mylifejobs . she provides all the essential information related to blogs. She covers all the news related to GST (Good Service Tax). She is a traveler, explorer and tech lover. Also, she does the research work. Her interest includes writing, playing sports, reading and traveling to new and adventurous places. She loves technology a lot. Whenever a new mobile is launched, she will buy it. You can contact her at Facebook, and Google+.

Mira Thakkar, Journalist at MyLifeJobs

She is the Senior Content writer here at mylifejobs. She is a very creative person by nature. . She covers articles on different topics related to School News . She loves literature. Her interest includes Art, Painting and listing music. She is too much keen on creating new DIY stuff every week. You can contact her Facebook, and Google+.

Ishita Kothari, Journalist at MyLifeJobs

She is the Senior Content Writer who covers all the latest information about the College News. She likes to write stories on various different topics. She is very good at acting. Her interest includes Dancing, Acting, & Photography. Besides this, she is a Foodie and likes to taste food at each & every restaurant in the city. You can contact her at Facebook and Google+.

Akansha Ojha, Journalist at MyLifeJobs

She is keen on writing news on Government News. She has been in the field of blogging since last one year. She is very good at playing guitar. Besides this, she likes to provide information about the current affairs. She has participated in various elocution competition. You can contact her Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Nirali Vasoya, Journalist at MylifeJobs

Nirali is a Junior Content Writer at MyLifeJobs. She likes to cover all the latest news on Income Tax.She likes to take part in various Elocution Competition. Apart from this, she is a Foodie. She likes to each Food at each and every new restuarant available in the city. She likes to read books on Finances. You can contact her at Facebook.